Automated image analysis software for assessing banding or orientation of Microstructures in dual phase steel. For Annual Book of ASTM approved in Last previous edition approved in as E – 01(). Standards volume information, refer to the standard’s . ASTM E_ – Designation: E – 01 Standard Practice for Assessing the Degree of Bandin.

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If a line ends within a particle, patch or grain, count it as one half an interception. Because the degree of banding or orientation may vary through the product cross section, the test plane should sample the entire cross section. Do not satm orient the grid lines over any particular microstructural feature or features.

ASTM E1268 – 01(2016)

Individual reprints single or multiple copies of this standard may be obtained by contacting ASTM at the above address or at phonefaxor service astm. Ori Origin ginall ally y approved in Hardenability studies have demonstrated this relationship for fully martensitic microstructures in steels rapidly quenched from the prescribed austenitizing temperatures.

A plot of such data on standard rectilinear graph paper reveals two linear portions with a change of slope at 58 HRC 0.

Tangent hits are counted as one half an interception. The mos mostt com common mon example of banding is the layered ferrite-pearlite structure of wrought low-carbon and low-carbon alloy steels. The grid should be placed without operator bias. A plot of such data on standard rectilinear graph paper reveals two linear portions with a change of slope at 58 HRC 0. The total length of the grid lines should be at least mm.


ASTM E (Reapproved ) Ferrite Banding Standard – PDF Free Download

With this equation, the predicted HRC is within Align the specimen so that the deformation direction is horizontal on the projection screen. NOTE 2—Measurements made on the martensite. Signicance and Use 5. The Knoop indenter is particularly well suited for this work. Th Thee st ster ereo eolo logi gica call me meth thod odss ma may y als also o be us used ed to ch char aract acter erize ize no nonn-ba band nded ed microst micr ostruc ructur tures es with seco second nd pha phase se con constit stituen uents ts ori oriente ented d elo elonga ngated ted in var varyin ying g deg degree reess in the deformation direction.

The accuracy of this conversion will become poorer as the test load decreases below gf. Solid-state transformations may be inuenced by the resulting microsegregation pattern leading to development of a layered or banded microstructure.

Test Methods E list appropriate etchants for most metals 1e268 alloys. For a highly banded microstructure, NL’ the bar above the quantity indicates an average value is a measure of the number 6 Not for Resale where: Count only phase or constituent boundary intersections between unlike particles, grains, or patches.

Nwith the test lines in the same way as described in Determine the nature of the banding present, for example, light versus dark etching martensite or bainite versus martensite.

If the entire test line lies completely within the phase or feature of interest this can occur for parallel counts of a highly banded materialcount N as 12 and P as 0. The grid e1286 for these measurements consisted of eight parallel lines, spaced 20 mm 0.

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The stereological methods may also be used to characterize non-banded microstructures with second phase constituents oriented elongated in varying degrees in the deformation direction. It is best if the etchant used does not reveal grain boundaries within a given phase.

Precision and Bias The correlation coefficient is 0. For P asgm, do not count phase or constituent boundaries between like particles, grains, etc. If a line ends within a particle, patch or grain, count it as one half an interception.

Norma Astm e astm e If the product form is too large to permit preparation of full cross sections, the samples prepared at the desired locations should have w1268 minimum polished surface area of mm2 0.

ASTM E 1268 2001(Reapproved 2016) Ferrite Banding Standard

A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. Microstructure of steel and banding standard For fully martensitic sit ic car zstm bon n an and d al allo loy y ste steel elss 0 0. However, an experienced operator can distinguish between the two forms of alignment, perhaps aided by the examples in Annex A1. Calculation of Results A number in paren parenthese thesess indicates the year of last reappr asym. Etching must produce strong contrast between the phases or constituents of interest.

Your comments are invited either for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be addressed to ASTM International Headquarters.