Asuhan Keperawatan Anak Dengan Tetralogi of Fallot. askep Asuhan Keperawatan Anak Dengan Tetralogi Fallot. askep. Pada referat ini hanya akan dibahas tetralogi Fallot. . Dari anamnesis didapatkan: Sianosis Squatting pada anak besar Dari pemeriksaan fisik. ASKEP PADA EMBOLI PARU. 29 ASKEP PADA EDEMA PULMONAL. ASKEP .. ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN PADA ANAK DENGAN TETRALOGI FALLOT.

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Tetralogi Fallot – Bahan

Gentle traction on the injured leg helps reduce shortening during casting. Produces vasodilation and increases cardiac output. Tetralogi Fallot lebih sering ditemukan pada anak-anak yang menderita sindroma Down. Despite its non-invasive nature, many complications have been reported from this method of femur fracture treatment.

Konsep-Askep Tetralogi of Fallot – PDF Free Download

Sinar ultraviolet menginduksi peradangan pada kulit dan merupakan sumber radikal bebas. Perdarahan Bayi anxk sianosis disertai dengan lamanya polisetimia akan mengakibatkan trombositopenia dan kelainan pembekuan darah. Kondisi setelah olah raga 6. Senyum kepada orang lain pertama kali: These patients often have a prolonged postoperative recovery course.

Assess lung sounds, noting areas of decreased ventilation and the presence of adventitious sounds. The medial and lateral nails are then passed up to the fracture site. Case courtesy of Dr. Home care is generally not needed. Here, 13 days after placement of the nails, the fractured has impacted.

Tetralogi Fallot terjadi pada sekitar 50 dari Sebenarnya, apa saja sih manfaat teh untuk tubuh kita? Peripheral resistance is increased by vasoconstriction. Contra-indications Very proximal or distal fractures may preclude proper pin placement. Spica Casting Spica casting has a long record of success in the treatment of anqk femur fractures.


Philadelphia, Lippincott-Raven Publishers, p. Each method has particular indications, contraindications, and complications that must be considered in choosing the optimal treatment for a particular child and his or her fracture.

An appropriate three-point mold will lessen the tendency of these fractures to heal in varus malalignment Figure 2. Malalignment and shortening have been corrected and early callus is visible here 7 weeks after fixator placement.

Tetralogi Fallot – Bahan – [DOC Document]

The patient is admitted for dyspnea. Note skin color and feel temperature of the skin Monitor peripheral pulses. Perform frequent serum electrolyte, CO2, glucose, creatinine, uric acid, calcium, and BUN determinations during first few months of therapy and periodically thereafter Spironolactone Aldactone — For management of edema resulting from excessive aldosterone excretion.

Setiap kali menangis 3.


This degree of desaturation may be undetectable to the terralogi and requires a pulse oximeter to identify it. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Tetapi ketika duktus telah menutup, akan terjadi gagal jantung yang berat.

Antibiotik juga tidak akan membantu mengobati bila batuk tersebut disebabkan karena alergi. Cara untuk memudahkan persalinan: Only the first two of these defects cause significant trouble or asskep an operation.


Patients with cyanosis will have significantly limited exercise capacity. A Steinman pin was incorporated into her cast. An intraosseous insertion could be an immediate lifesaving tool. A method for early spica cast application in treatment of pediatric femoral shaft fractures. They saw overgrowth averaging 1 cm in 7 of the 12 patients. Aggressive efforts to manage health care costs have inspired all to consider the most efficient use of resources.

Aronson J and Tursky EA: The tetralogy of fallot Documents.

Unfortunately, the external fixator may stress-shield the fracture leading to delayed union, minimal callus response, and risk of fracture after the fixator is removed. Satu-satunya kemungkinan bagi bayi untuk bertahan hidup adalah adanya hubungan antara peredaran darah kiri dan kanan yang disebut shunt. Once callous is visible, the children can be brace free and weight bearing as tolerated.

Keadaan ini bisa disembuhkan dengan pencangkokan jantung, tetapi anak harus minum obat seumur hidupnya guna mencegah penolakan tubuh terhadap jantung yang dicangkokkan. Arch Dis Child Monitor CBC in female patients who are menstruating. Technique Flexible intra-medullary nails can be inserted either on the radiolucent table or the fracture table. Melalui katup trikuspidalis, darah akan mengalir ke ventrikel kanan.