Brian Katcher’s second novel Almost Perfect is the winner of the Stonewall Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award, presented by the. This winner of the first Stonewall Award for Children’s & Young Adult Literature will make you marvel at the beauty of human connection and the. Logan Witherspoon recently discovered that his girlfriend of three years cheated on him. But things start to look up when a new student breezes.

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Or constantly feeling like I’d just smoked three packs of cigarettes.

Almost Perfect

Katcher seems to be very good about writing somewhat unsympathetic yet very realistic protagonists. And I want to know more. Just like Logan does. Katcher explores the meanings and boundaries of friendship, love, and loyalty, issues that any teenager struggles with. Please try again amost. He threatens to punch Sage after figuring out she’s trans, he punched one of his friends, doesn’t apologize for it and nearly does it again, he thinks about putting his sister’s boyfriend’s face into a lawnmower just because they’re dating.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I started to get really nervous about 20 pages from the end, and the ending felt like a punch to the gut.

And it almkst completely, entirely realistic. The maintenance staff mowed the grass twice a week and watered it every day in the summer. almots

Katcher flawlessly channels the worried and confused voice of a straight teenage boy in this honest and uncompromising take on transgender love. Logan Witherspoon recently discovered that his girlfriend of three years cheated on him.


Book Reviews – Almost Perfect

This book was gifted to me by a friend, who thought that as a trans man I would enjoy it, which I did. Cause Julie Anne Peters he isn’t. He constantly demands explanations from her, not because he’s interested and cares about her, but because he wants to convince himself bian he’s not gay.

It’s about teenagers dealing with not so teenage problems.

Summaries and Excerpts: Almost perfect / Brian Katcher.

I cried for about half an hour and was upset for the rest of the evening. I think it’s a big eye-opener. If I was going to hate her, it would take some work. Exhausted and thirsty, I walked a final lap to avoid muscle cramps, then limped toward the watercooler. Also, I wasn’t entirely comfortable read: Once I started reading, it was hard to put down because there were so many little things about the book that drew me in and reminded me of my own experiences. Logan Witherspoon befriends Sage Hendricks at a time when he no longer trusts or believes in people.

Katcher creates a believably confused and sympathetic Logan, so it’s unfortunate that Sage feels like an amalgamation rather than a fully-fledged character in her own right, as if events from different people’s lives were thrown together and expected to become a coherent backstory.

It’s not even about Sage. Briab provide an email address. I was afraid to read another chapter, and I never wanted it to end.

Sage is tall, quirky, has briah great laugh, and most of all, is Most of us, I suspect, have “met somebody” who would be just perfect, except Sep 13, Minutes Young Adult Buy. I think this novel would have been better from Sage’s perspective.

As time goes on, he finds himself drawn to Sage, pulled in by her deep, but sexy feminine voice and her constant smile. When was the last time I’d just sat quietly with someone? She’s tall and quirky, and he thinks quite pretty. And if I can spot some Almosst, so can teenagers. He sprinkles in just enough humour to relieve the tension, but never at the expense of the characters or the situation. And when she needed a lover, I wanted nothing to do with her.


Here are some choice quotes from our lovely protag: Everyone has that one line they swear they’ll never cross, the one thing they say they’ll never do. Her parents weren’t happy w This was a good book.

It is unfortunate and fear-driven, but realistic. Almosf wanted to give it a 4. But the plot and the characters overcame those flaws with moments of acute tension — at points, this was a real page-turner. How much of a tragedy is it that an environment where she was regarded as a freak and never accepted for herself could be considered lucky? I started out really liking this book, perfetc by the time I was done, I was glad almpst be rid of it.

ALMOST PERFECT by Brian Katcher | Kirkus Reviews

In May, we leave this place forever. Maybe it was the silence. If you had been watching my Goodreads ratings a few months ago you would see perfevt I did, at least for a little while. The plot was new, powerful, and very compelling to read Open Preview See a Problem?