I found this little Alinco DJ-S41C handheld pocket sized UHF transceiver on eBay and the auction ended for £28 including postage. The radio. DJ-S Instruction Manual. Thank you for purchasing this ALINCO FM transceiver. This instruction manual contains important safety and operating instructions. • Frequency range/DJ-S41T MHz, DJ-S41(C) mA (30mA S(c)) @V DC, RXI with the UP/DOWN keys (DJ-S41T only ).

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Anyway, I opened the package the radio came in and was pleasantly surprised. Not yet dj-e41c how long the Alkaline AA’s will last, nor how long I’ll have to change ’em and keep memories, I didn’t know whether I’d be needing the charger stand or not, but they couldn’t do the “do you want fries with that” thing.

It will display the xmit frequency if it’s legal, or OFF if it’s offset out of band.

Distant Signal: Alinco DJ-S41C | UHF FM Handheld Transceiver

The batteries should last you at least a few weeks under normal use. I’m thinking such a device would be useful for those of us with only 2m mobiles so we could use the pocket in the car. Re-tweeking of the VCO is not recommended. APO betyder auto power-off. At mW it’s using paralleled finals: It seems pretty simple to use and I managed to save the repeater into the memory bank.

All mods i have is listed on this site.! It came with a small leather protective case, wrist strap and belt clip. Not terribly useful for hams, who ought to know their frequency This web page is so big because I think this radio is hamstrung by its user manual, so I’ve done a longer one than it came with.


Alinco replied to my comment: I think it’s supposed to beep, but maybe only if it gets the Hz tone.

As I said before, the radio is in perfect condition and looks hardly used. I just need to be careful while the antenna is flipped out because it looks like it wouldn’t take too much stick before it alinco dj s41c.

Download Alinco DJ-S41 quick reference.

Since most of the time I’m using it to X-band, the base antenna does all of the work and I don’t need high power. It will display the xmit frequency if it’s legal, or OFF if it’s offset out of band.

Alinco EA-50 – Antenna UHF for Alinco DJ-S41C

Probably rude when on a repeater that has courtesy tones already, as it makes you sound like a linked repeater system. This is a small radio. Do you have one?

Setting the desired Tone or Shift value isn’t enough, you have to activate it. This can be a very big file.!! Alinco didn’t correct me, so I guess I’m right.

I could not figure how to get it into 50mW “low power” mode. This may be a feature, it lets you test a change without committing to it. The rear cover can be lifted and removed easily, as there are no wires to be concerned about.


Alinco Dj-s41 mhz Mini UHF Handheld Transceiver | eBay

I was expecting a bit more range; I think some of our downtown repeaters must have desense problems or have their squelch too high. Alincoo you any tips, trick or modifications you can’t find here, please E-mail them to me, or use the mail form. On-UP turns the “stand-by beep” or courtesy tone On. The Modes described under each key are cross-referenced further down. The radio arrived in perfect condition with virtually no wear and tear.

This modification is read times.

On-Call toggle Lamp stays on: Its antenna is fixed on and swings out from the back of the radio when it is in use and tucks away when the radio is packed away. I expect HRO will have it soon. All mods i have is listed on this site.! Alinco replied to my comment: While scanning, tapping some buttons are ignored, others just stop the scan. This may be a feature, it lets you test a change without committing to it.

The drop in charger and nicads are not available yet. Back to start page. Tap a second time, it moves to the KHz: Bill Ricker – n1vux amsat. If in Memory, it will scan d-s41c 21 memories including C.