1 Department of Industrial Engineering, Ramsar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ramsar, Iran. [email protected] 2 Department of. [email protected] ABSTRACT: This paper aims at minimizing the total completion time. Jobs are processed by parallel machines. Due to. University of Neyshabur, P. O. Box , Neyshabur, Iran A. Behboodi, S. Akhshabi, and K. Nozari, “Braneworld teleparallel.

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The relationship between the leadership styles and Organizational citizenship behavior Available online at www.

Generalization of the Randall-Sundrum Model Using Gravitational Model

And the equation of motion for the scalar field is obtained by By combining the abovementioned gravity field equations, the following is obtained: Path analysis of Iran Air model In the above diagram, the explained variance for the variable of the management of communication with customer is 0. Abstract In this letter, we explore a generalized model based on two scenarios including the Randall-Sundrum model and gravity model.

Designing the optimal model for effectiveness of the application of information technology in supply chain management in competitive conditions 4. The physical motivation, in this case, is a possible expression that leads to an accelerated expansion phase. In this regard, the Kaluza-Klein theory was used to compress the fifth dimension of space in this gravity model.

This modified model proves the inflation at the beginning of the universe. Gao J, Sun L and Gen M A hybrid genetic and variable neighborhood descent algorithm for flexible job shop scheduling problems. Other models have been proposed for gravity [ 1 — 5 ] by generalizing a gravity model based on scalar and Ricci tensor curvature.


Rebarsolz and colleagues Evaluation and treatment of the infertility, translated by Mohammad Ali Karimzadeh, Yazd publ. Supply chain management emphasizes effective and useful processes of physical and information factors are both effective in profitable fulfillment of customer needs Stevens, One of these models is based on the replacement of the torsion tensor rather than the akshabi of space-time in the gravity model [ 11 ].

Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Industrial Machinery Scheduling with Fuzzy Due Date

User Username Password Remember me. To calculate the equation of stateit is necessary to solve simultaneously three nonlinear differential equations according to the obtained relations for the gravity model in the neyshabuur space.

In this regard, the observational constraints on the derivative of and similar function akhshwbi until the fifth order were presented in [ 18 ] with cosmographic parameters acquired from the observational data of Supernovae Ia and the baryon acoustic oscillations.

View at Google Scholar O. Parirokh Dadstan The transformational morbid psychology, Tehran. First, we transfer the five-dimensional space-time in which the gravity model is related nryshabur the scalar field and coupled with the additional dimension of space, into a four-dimensional space-time in a brane with a akhsjabi metric FLRW using the compression mechanism of the Kaluza-Klein.

According to the relationship aknshabi, the second-order metric tensors in five dimensions and tangent spaces in five dimensions are defined according to the relations andrespectively.

Path analysis model for Iran Air Company: Davood Sadatian ; ri. Now, let us use the abovementioned gravity function in a type II Randall-Sundrum model. Scroll Refine your search Collections.

According to the standard model of cosmology, the Planck Era refers to a time starting from the creation of the universe about 14 billion years ago until seconds.


Nowicki E and Smutnicki C A fast taboo search algorithm for the job shop problem.

In this model, the torsion tensor is denoted by the relationwhere is the connection without akhshzbi Weitzenbock curvature [ 9 ]. By solving 22 and 23 simultaneously and also the equation of motion for the scalar field 10the equation of state is obtained. Combinational path analysis of the two airline companies Figure 4: Integrating the supply chain.

Advances in High Energy Physics

There is a positive and significant relationship between internal integrity and performance progress. Indeed, this is the new work on the concrete cosmological solutions to describe the cosmic accelerated expansion of the KK and RS models in gravity.

The Aims of the Study 1. The equation of state in terms of time for generalized RS model with for. There is a positive and significant relationship electronic customer and managerial skills 3. Patterns of corporate diversification in Canada: One of the ideas for describing quantum gravity is the string theory [ 2 ].

Operational Definition of the Variables 1 Developing a continuous relationship with customers is important. Saeedeh Motamed, Shohreh Ghorbanshiroudi, Javad Khalatbari, Mohammad Ebrahim Maddahi and Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh The effectiveness of positive parenting skills training group for parents of children with attention deficit disorderhyperactivity on behavior disorders in their children.

Randall and Sundrum [ 8 ] presented a model in which the universe is a brane embedded in the bulk. Given the abovementioned explanations, we first study the Randall-Sundrum standard model.