Elsewedy Cables proudly present the new product catalogue of different types of . the traditional ACSR conductor as it’s designed for continuous operating. Trapezoidal AAC, ACSR and ACSS conductor designs are listed in Compact aluminum and ACSR stranded conductor information may be found in the. CATALOGUE Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced. ACSR. Alüminyum Kaplı Çelik Özlü Alüminyum ACSR conductor may be manufactured for.

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If you adopt aluminum conductor steel reinforced, you can save the cost. These are concentrically stranded conductor with one or more layers of hard drawn Aluminium wire on galvanized steel wire core which are coated with zinc with Class A Coating.

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As long as you know your wanted acsr conductor specifications, we can customized. Condutcor owns the cheap aluminum, so we can provide the low acsr conductor price. The outside is aluminum, and they use strand around the steel.

Variable steel core stranding enables desired strength to be achieved without sacrificing ampacity. Suitable for low and medium voltage lines in urban area Excellent resistance to corrosion Ideal for use in coastal area.

Want to get the low acsr conductor price? Installation method of GZTACSR is well but requires skilled specialists because at the time of sagging, a special sagging method is required to apply all the tension to the steel core only.

Aluminium & Alloy Conductors

From the popularity, we can know it must have the absolute advantages. For uprating linesno modifications or reinforcement is required to the existing towers. We can do what we promise, and we can accept your test or any third party test. For example, the codnuctor conductor manufacturer in india, acsr conductor manufacturer from China.


High current carrying capacity. Resistance Alum Steel Core Con. Aluminium conductor steel reinforced mainly used in the power industry. So compared with other conductors, we can produce aluminium conductor steel reinforced of larger section. High Tensile strength Better sag properties Economic design Suitable for remote applications involving long spans.

These conductors have a special construction feature with a small gap filled with grease between the high strength steel core and the thermal aacsr Al-Zr alloy conductive layers. It has found limited use, however, as a distribution conductor. Expect price, Cataloghe think the quality is also an important index when you buy aluminium conductor steel reinforced. Get the free sample: Then it can save the material and power. Then the total area is The EC grade Alloy Conductor has a minimum conductivity of Then we can know, its total sectional area s A very good balance between the mechanical and electrical properties therefore makes ACAR the best choice where the ampacitystrengthand light weight are the main consideration of the line design.

If you use the aluminium conductor steel reinforced cable, it can reduce your cost and increase the effectiveness. These are low resistance High Conductivity alloy conductors with excellent electrical characteristics, excellent sag-tension characteristics and superior corrosion resistance to that of ACSR.

Get a free quote by E-mail: Now, aluminium conductor steel reinforced cable is very popular, and it is used in the many cases. If you want to buy acsr aluminum conductor steel reinforced, you can send us the quotation, we will quote for you within 12 hours. For more acsr conductor specifications, please contact us, we will send you the acsr conductor size and best acsr conductor price.


Above are the hawk conductor specification. Good mechanical properties Improved electrical characteristics Excellent corrosion resistance Better Sag properties. It strands 26 aluminum with conducror diameter of 3. If your case are in these area, you can consider aluminium conductor steel reinforced cable.

ACSR Conductor

In cxtalogue, the good mechanical performance makes the transport of acsr aluminium conductor steel reinforced cable more easy. Because the steel has strong strength, so the aluminium conductor steel reinforced has good technical strength. It can not only increase the security performance of running equipment, but also reduce the power loss. Gap-type conductors are particularly suitable to replace ACSR conductors in flat lands or in any case with small difference in level.

Used as bare overhead transmission conductor and as primary and secondary distribution conductor and messenger support. Raccoon conductor is the BS standard. In addition, calculated D. Catslogue Phone Number Include the area code.

From the application, the acsr aluminum conductor steel reinforced widely used in curious voltage levels overhead transmission and distribution lines. These are made out of high strength Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon alloy. These conductors are better replacement for ACSR conductors where corrosive conditions are severe.

These avsr are extensively used in overhead transmission and distribution lines. Aluminium Wire Rods for various applications: Nominal aluminum area is 75 mm2, and sectional area of aluminum is China has the cheapest aluminum in the world, and aluminum is the main material of aluminum conductor steel reinforced.